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Is Your Business Ready for The Isolation Epidemic and it's Effect on Employee Engagement?

Upskill Your Leaders Today

The Isolation Epidemic did not just start with Covid-19. It has been prevalent and has been getting worse since  early 2000's.  


With this continued exponential growth, it will soon have a large impact on your:

-employee engagement and

-customer retention. 


Organizations are realizing the need and power of upskilling their leaders at all levels to build stronger employee engagement and retention with millennials in the work force and the expansion of virtual teams.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Why  is there an Isolation Epidemic?

  • How and Why, it is your next employee engagement and customer retention problem.

  • Four steps  for a leader to become more Conscious and Connected  in their communication, empathy, EQ, and vulnerability. 

  • Three Steps to a solution of a "Culture of Community”

Diving Deep without Touching the Surface:

How to Create Connection in a Virtual World:

Working virtual, through text, email and most likely a virtual platform brings new challenges to team management, leadership, and sales and business development.  


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why digital interaction cannot replace in person meetings.  What is missing?

  • Three positives for business in being virtual and no it's not wearing your jammies.

  • How to turn a cold lead into a warm conversation?

  • Three Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

  • Leverage three things that work in person and introduce into a virtual setting.

  • Take away 5 key steps and tools to improve the connection you can create in a virtual environment.  

How Smart Leaders Connect Through Better Conversations: 

Connections Do Change Everything

An interactive dynamic webinar based off of Kimberly's Best-selling Book: Connections Change Everything.  Each participant gets a personally signed copy of the book.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness

  • The BEE of Listening

  • When to choose Human Connection over digital interaction.

  • How to have Diffucult Conversations

  • How to Effectively Manage Conflict resolution

  • How to create Shared Experiences that build connection

  • How to Build Trust with your presence, and your words.

  • Three stepst to be a Coach as a leader

  • Three steps to be a more Conscious and Connected leader. 

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