Are the people in your organization authentically feeling connected, engaged, and passionate about their jobs? Do they look forward to collaborating with a community of creative thinkers and motivated co-workers? Does your leadership team have the freedom to express right-brain concepts that empower their left brain reactive and task-oriented selves? 


Bear in mind that meaningful connection has become a superpower for companies and employees and is being cultivated by leaders who want to help employees thrive. The sense of belonging and acceptance that comes with meaningful connections within the workplace has proven that employees are happier, more confident, and more productive. Teams and individuals work better when they know there is someone who can help them with difficult challenges, and leaders who are tuned in feel fulfilled when they can help as well.


Kimberly works with executives and their teams to boost employees’ engagement and productivity with easy to learn techniques that will create a more connected environment in your business culture. Strong employee engagement is about effective communication and connection with all levels of employees. When employees become more passionate about their jobs and are committed to the organization, productivity and discretionary effort increase exponentially. In terms of the health and success of an organization, leaders who positively impact employee engagement, go far beyond mere employee satisfaction. 

Kimberly offers several processes tailored to your organization's goals. All engagements begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine top areas for impact, a 90-day strategic plan with an education process, and a sustainable collaboration plan to ensure the support for your new connected culture of conscious leaders to stay consistent and feel fostered through this transformation.



KCC Culture Assessment

Kimberly assesses your culture to engage your executive leaders and teams to learn the interpersonal connection skills and the emotional awareness for intelligence that builds trusted connections and the organization's bottom-line.

KCC Training

Kimberly works with your company to evolve and transform your workplace into a community of thriving, passionate, motivated, people doing their best work and therefore improving productivity and the bottom line.

KCC Sustained Leaders

Kimberly continues high-level training programs with touchpoints to reinforce and sustain your strong, thriving, and more connected culture led now by trained conscious leaders who have learned to better help their organization adapt to changing needs.


One-on-One Coaching Fosters Conscious Leaders
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Conscious Leaders