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The Power of Digital Technology

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 How to Connect with your People in a Time of Social Disconnection and Virtual Work Environments.

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But first a warning: This is not for the Leader who wants to remain in a hierarchical top down, power based leadership position.  If that is you, good luck, because the employees of today, and our remote economy are demanding a different style of leadership.


This book focuses on the increasing need to be less technical and tactical and to be more relationship focused.  It begins with knowing yourself, and your willingness to really invest in knowing your employees and teams.  It is evident, now more than ever, as we face both an increasingly emotionally disconnected and physically disconnected work environment and world, that our ability to create human connection is our most powerful tool as a leader.  Time and time again, it is the “soft stuff” that makes the “hard stuff” work.


In Connections Change Everything, you will find 16 daily steps and actions you can selectively adopt to truly become an impactful presence in the lives of the people you lead.  When you become more present and connected by practicing these strategies, be rewarded with greater productivity, retention, and profitability and the fulfilling knowledge that you too have built a legacy of connection.


Quick and easy to read, Connections Change Everything focuses on the following key Leadership Skills that will help you build stronger human connections in this remote and physically distanced environment.

  • How Vulnerability makes you more relatable.

  • How to Listen not just to interrupt

  • The (negative and positive) Power of Digital Technology and how to tame it.

  • The Power of Breaking Bread and creating shared experiences.

  • How to have Difficult Conversations

  • How to effectively manage Conflict Resolution


It’s  a wealth of good information; We have made it retainable and reinforceable by also including a list of “16 Connection Correction Tips” that you can post in your office or calendar for daily reference to connection and leadership success starting today.

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“A manifesto for being a better leader in today’s world that you will want to refer to again and again.” Dana Borowka, Author of Cracking the Business Code


Download a Free Chapter of the book: Chapter 3, The Power of Digital Technology to learn why technology is limited in its ability to connect us and small changes you can make to increase connection in your professional life that will rub off into your personal life.



What Readers are Saying: 

A good re-read, to stay present: Great tips.  It is one that I will re-read often to help keep me in check. Thanks again for sharing it with me.

~Susan Shald, PHR, SHRM-CP
  Director of Talent Acquisition


“Kimberly’s book addresses the core idea of what I’d describe as connection leadership. True leaders master their ability both to connect and engage others through connection. Kimberly’s book is filled with great reminders and strategies to help leaders connect and engage for success.”

~Allison Tabor, Amazon bestselling author of Work Your ASSets Off

“If you are searching for new insights on leadership, there is undoubtedly something of value here.”~ Margaret ~ Margaret Reynolds, author of Reignite and Boost Your GrowthDNA

“Read this advice-filled book for inspiration and leadership direction. I love how her connection methods are both personal and professional. This book is a rare how-to book and a page-turner!”

~Greg Alcorn, author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say