This is a timely hot topic that has a profound impact on the satisfaction, retention and productivity of employees, and the overall results of a company!  Building connection with your employees connects you to greater revenue! Connections Really Do Change Everything!

In this book, Kimberly shares why she is so passionate about connection through her personal journey. She discusses the impact of being "Broken Off," in her childhood and how it impacted and changed her life. She describes the consequences of being broken off and how today's working culture leaves many of us feeling alone and "broken off,' whether it is working in a virtual environment or feeling alone within a group.  


Our ability to feel connected and happy at work is just as much a indication of our life expectancy as is diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. As leaders we have a responsibility to practice "Connected Leadership," which is "Modern Leadership." 


It is our daily experiences with our employees that our employees aggregate together to formulate their levels of satisfaction and happiness at work, and our success as a leader.  You, as a leader have the greatest amount of impact as to whether they stay, or they go.


“Kimberly’s book addresses the core idea of what I’d describe as connection leadership. True leaders master their ability both to connect and engage others through connection. Kimberly’s book is filled with great reminders and strategies to help leaders connect and engage for success.” —Allison Tabor, Amazon bestselling author of Work Your ASSets Off


“A manifesto for being a better leader in today’s world that you’ll want to refer to again and again.” —Dana Borowka, author of Cracking the Business Code

“If you are searching for new insights on leadership, there is undoubtedly something of value here.” —Margaret Reynolds, author of Reignite and Boost Your GrowthDNA

“Read this advice-filled book for inspiration and leadership direction. I love how her connection methods are both personal and professional. This book is a rare “how to” book and a page turner!” —Greg Alcorn, author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say

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