Who Is Doing The Math?

This is by no means a political commentary or opinion, or judgement on leadership. It is merely a question that requires us to think and pause, as we make decisions in our own lives, and for others.

I find in my coaching and consulting business, many of us make decisions based on an immediate need to solve a problem. Couple that with a sense of urgency, and the full effect and trickle down, or what I like to call “the collateral damage,” or full consequence of our decisions very often does not get fully vetted….

Friday, March 13, The Corona Virus was declared a National Pandemic by our President.

By the following Monday,

Monday, March 16, in the state of California, we were all required to “Shelter in Place,” with full shutdown of onsite business,' of beaches, of bars, of restaurants, and of “non essential services,” by 8 PM that evening.

Monday, May 18, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that state health officials would relax their criteria for counties that wanted to reopen their economies faster, provided that they met public health guidelines.

Monday, July 13, 2020 California Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered a second shutdown of restaurants and indoor businesses in over 19 counties that have seen a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

And we begin again, what I call: “Living the RoQ.” Unfortunatly this is not a reference to great Rock Music for those of you who danced to the great 70’s and 80’s bands, it is “The Routine of Quarantine!” “RoQ! " The blur that gives no exciting or definitive meaning to a weekend, to a 5 or 6 o'clock “Happy Hour,” or “Let’s Meet for Coffee.”

I am not going to regurgitate the statistics, but as the country chose to initially shut down, infected cases declined and most importantly those precious individuals who are at high risk were hopefully protected from getting the disease, being hospitalized and potentially losing their life.

Now, let’s think about this. We shut down to prevent future infections, overwhelming our hospitals systems etc., and to drop the death toll. Great!

What did you THINK was going to happen when we opened up businesses, beaches, the bars and the world. Mask or otherwise!

We didn’t kill the beast while in RoQ! " IT" is still out there. We haven’t even put "IT " in a cage (Got a Vaccine!). So who was logically thinking that when we started to open up that infections, and deaths were going to STAY THE SAME or DECLINE??? WHO IS DOING THE MATH!!!

It is inevitable, even w masks, gloves, sterilization, and all the precautions that we can possibly take, that once we bust out into public, craving normalcy and connection and routine experiences we previously took for granted, that the rate of positive infections and unfortunately deaths were going to go up. Why is this such a SURPRISE that it did?

The decision should have been:

  1. If the goal is to keep the virus at bay with the fewest possible infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, then we should "Shelter in Placec" and resort to “RoQ.” This phase should be maintained until we have a vaccine or the Pandemic has miraculously disappeared. We must also accept and realize there will be severe financial, economic and other consequences and "collateral damage," with this decision.


  1. Realizing we have not killed the beast, or let alone put "IT" in a cage (Vaccine). The economy, many families, and business will not survive unless we open up our businesses and service industries to some degree. We will open with specific restrictions, social distancing, and request great levels of self responsibility in monitoring our own health and wearing masks to protect ourself and others. Knowing, unfortunately, that the COVID-19 virus infection and death count will continue to rise. But, we have hopefully offset some of the collateral damage that we have yet to fully realize and document:

  2. Home foreclosures

  3. Business bankruptcies

  4. A full on recession ( looks like we are here)

  5. Increase in suicide rates

  6. Increase in domestic violence

  7. Increase in child abuse

  8. Increase in drug overdose

What is the death toll due to suicide from financial stress, isolation, and devastation? What is the death or hospitalizations due to domestic violence and abuse, child abuse, drug overdose?

Opening up to only shut down again, makes me question: WHO IS DOING THE MATH?

We are human beings that are “Craving Connection.” And isolation and “RoQ” creates so much “collateral damage” over and above the financial and economic downturn that needs to be considered.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback so I can collectively post a collective opinion. Deadline to send me your thoughts is Friday July 17 by noon PST.

Please email me at

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