Now More Than Ever (During COVID-19) Connections Change Everything! (Podcast Interview)

Kimberly is interviewed on the Talent Talk Podcast hosted by Chris Dyer. With COVID-19 amidst us and affecting our ability to be in the presence of our teams, employees, colleagues, clients, community, and friends, now  more than ever, Connections Change Everything!

How we connect and relate to each other during this time is vital to staying sane, keeping our teams motivated, and ensure we retain our talent and excel on the other side of this.

Kimberly shares, what we can do as leaders to stay connected to our teams, through collaboration in building weekly team agendas, designating roles, and addressing the elephant in the room. Humor helps as well.  Listen more to find out why connection is the antidote to anxiety, addiction, and this epidemic!  

Tune in to March 31, 2020 podcast episode of Talent Talk with Kimberly Layne as guest on Connections Change Everything!  She starts about 25 minutes in:

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