Create Your Connected Culture in 90 Days.

Over 85% of companies, know that culture is important yet, less than 30% actually have a culture strategy in place.  Not having a good culture is costing you business success:  

  • 57% of your employees are likely to leave for a similar pay and position

  • 2.5X to 3X less in revenues vs. your competition (that has a thriving culture)

  • 30% less in productivity

KCC is here to help. Implement the KCC three step process to "Create a Unique Connected Culture" for your organization, in just 90 Days.  We realize every company is unique and therefore a "Customized Connection Correction Plan" is important to have sustainable results.

Step 1:  Connection Culture Assessment: You can't improve what you don't know.  You need a base line.  We interview your Executive Leadership team,  Line Managers,  and corresponding employees to determine what is working and what is not in your organization.   We personally observe, participate, and assess your culture and work environment to pinpoint interactions and processes we can eliminate, improve, or enhance.   From this list, we collaboratively identify three pinpoint areas to immediately target in education and coaching in order to make a measurable and sustaining impact in 90 days.  Your culture will determine whether  your business succeeds or fails. Let's put an effective and engaging one in place as the soul of your company.

Step 2:  Educate to Impact: After we identify your baseline culture and what needs to be improved upon, we begin the education component.  Depending on your organization, and the best fit,  KCC  will conduct 1/2 Day Practice Connected Leadership Workshops, Connection Correction Round tables, Lunch & Learns, or Learn & Launches, in order to educate your leadership teams at all levels.  These educational sessions are intimate (5 to 10 people), onsite or offsite, and designed to provide the foundation of adopting connected leadership skills that drive the connection, community, and employee engagement you desire.  We focus on improving a leader's ability to create collaborative teams and community, have connected one on one's, resolve and have difficult conversations, engage virtual work teams,and manage and resolve conflict from Kimberly's book:

Step 3:  Coach to Impact: Leadership/ Executive Coaching:  If we don't make leaders individually accountable, steps 1 and 2 will not be implemented and sustained.  Here we take the education and put it in to action through real time scenarios, and role plays.   These ninety minute deep dive coaching sessions are open, confidential and a chance to truly connect and communicate to be the best leader each person can be.  We mutually discuss each individuals leadership strengths and weaknesses (SWAT). We build an individual accountable strategy and action plan that addresses the agreed upon company culture areas of improvement, aligned at the individual level for real change and impact.  If a leader is not good at receiving acknowledgement and praise, how can effectively give it to his team members that drives positive motivation and productivity? 

It is imperative that what cultural needs to be changed at the whole is coached at the individual level aligned with each leaders personal strengths and weaknesses. 

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