Connections Change Everything: How Smart Leaders Connect Through Better Conversations. .

In this book, Kimberly shares why she is so passionate about connection through her personal journey.  She discusses the impact being "Broken Off," has impacted and changed her life, personally and professionally and the power of "Re Connection."   

As leaders, it is our daily experiences with our employees that our employees aggregate together to formulate their levels of satisfaction and happiness at work, and your success as a leader.  You, as a leader have the greatest amount of impact as to whether they stay, or they go.

In today's fast paced, virtual working world, "Connected Leadership" is the new "Modern Leadership." Millennials and Gen X'ers are demanding a different type of leader, and culture, and if it is not there, they quickly exit.

So many of our youth come from broken families, or single family homes. Combine this fact with the proliferation of digital technology used as a substitute for human connection, and the absence of a community/neighborhood in today's culture.  As a result, the work environment has to become the new community center.  It can’t just be a place to work it has to be a place where people mentored, a sense of purpose and community, they feel heard, supported, and valued, and they feel they make a difference with their contributions.  Leaders can’t just dictate to this new workforce, they have to be advocates and support, value, and care about their people.  When employees are happy, business thrive by 2.5 in revenues compared to those who don’t.

Connections Change Everything, provides key steps in every chapter to improve your leadership through conversations and true human connection that retain your top talent and lead to team success!   It all starts with us.  Let's be more vulnerable, have difficult conversations, listen with a heart, and put technology in its place.

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