Are We Still Proud to Be an American?

Amidst our ongoing “COVID Crisis,” the “Polarized Political Landscape,” “Black Lives Matter," “Defunding the Police,” “Mask or No Mask,” "Renaming our Statues,” “Redesigning our State Flags,” and the past “#MeToo” Movement, and all of the soon to be movements forthcoming…What does it mean to be an American, anymore? I honestly do not know… is that good? Or is that bad? I do not know that either.

Here is what I do know…

There is inequality in race and gender';there are infights on political views; there is defaming and denouncing;there is abuse of power;there is abuse of those that are innocent, young, and or vulnerable. There is injustice and unfairness for those that have suffered and for those that are suffering. There is lost opportunity, lost homes, and lost loved ones.

Inequities, Insensitivities, and injustices are being spotlighted and we are in the process of transforming… to what?

I am hoping that as we are going through this extremely challenging time, that we are moving forward and transforming into a nation that stands all 328 M of US, collectively as united individuals regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, income, power, and education.

That as an “American,” and simply as “equal human beings,” we stand with and are defined by our collective ability to be recognized as people who:

· Live with Honesty and Integrity

· First offer care and concern for our neighbors and our fellow persons vs. hatred and judgement.

· Truly are proud of our melting pot of race, gender, strengths, weakness, opinions, and voices.

· When given the chance, choose good over evil, right over wrong, unity vs. division.

· Understand there is greater power “together” vs. “apart,” that community is our strength, not “I” alone as the key to surviving and thriving.

· Do not want to repeat our past mistakes, who want to move forward the right way, and realize forgiveness is part of the answer.

  • · Know that there is hope of something better; that we are stronger than these times, that all of this will be worthwhile, if we just listen to understand, actively collaborate for a resolution, sincerely care to elevate, and believe we will find a way, together.

There is "Power in Connecting," United as authentic human beings, as "Americans!"

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