The "F" Word: Forgiveness:

Updated: May 8, 2020

As leaders, we are our own worst critic. We have high standards for ourselves in ALL areas of our life. Are they realistic?

We will fail a lot, and we will continue to make mistakes, but that is what makes one a better leader.  Forgive yourself for the wronged decisions, uneventful or bad test of a path, and the lack of direction sometimes.  As leaders we are always learning, and failing, we just do more of it as we are more proactive, driven, and seeking answers than those that follow!

By accepting and forgiving yourself for your failures, and mistakes, you will be less harsh on those you lead and hence be more relatable and ultimately  more connected.

ct perfection on days when we are still figuring it out; and maybe don't have all the answers, or even one.   We can remain even more stuck when we don't forgive ourselves...for choices we have made,things we have done or not done, thing we have said or not said...time to let yourself off the hook, forgive yourself so you can move forward in love, not bitterness, guilt and resentment.

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