What Makes KCC Different and more Importantly Successful for your Leadership Development Goals?

The soft skills of leadership are critical to advancing your organization. KCC believes leadership development is a high-touch, in-person effort that focuses on soft skills (as opposed to certification training, or skills-based instruction).  In class room, or certification development workshops, usually, only 10% of the content gets actually implemented (there is no context). Context combined with one on one coaching to better understand our own limiting mindset and to discuss real world examples, has an over 90% success in implementation.  Through trusting, and confidential consulting and practiced conversations based on the three areas of focus identified by your organization, KCC is successful in getting your leaders to  "get out of their comfort zone," and to make measured change in productivity, employee retention, and attracting top talent. 

Every leader is different and has unique strengths and weaknesses.  Every company has different goals depending on timing. Are you needing to create Leaders who can manage high degree of change and transition, or Leaders who can coach and mentor confident and successful people to promote from within to build your organization organically, or Leaders who can foster team work and collaboration to complete projects across functional departments for on time and Big Client Wins?  We build out a custom leadership development plan that is executed with workshop content and more importantly, context implementation with one on one accountability and conversational coaching. 

Collaboratively through an initial conversation with Executives and Leaders, we come to understand your short term and long term unique goals. We identify through onsite observations, conversations, and recommendations, no more than 3 areas to focus for 90 day Impact.   Through a personalized company approach, we build a plan which combines brief content workshops which then get implemented through one on one coaching that ensures the three areas of focus are broken down to a leaders strengths and weaknesses, and coached to practice through real conversations.  This is not a certification course, but coaching on soft skills, conversations, and conflict management that helps your leaders personally improve their engagement with their teams and produces measurable results.  (increased productivity, higher sales achievement, greater employee retention, more delighted customers). 

People don't leave companies, they leave managers and leaders!  Start treating your employees not as "output" machines but as "human beings" and get more output out of your human beings! 

With the advent of Glassdoor and other public forums for employee grievances, unsettled employees now have a more public and direct impact on a company’s growth prospects and they’re not afraid to share their opinions publicly.   You can't afford to have a poor review or rating due to poor leadership. Reverse the Trend!

It's time to put in a plan on Connected Culture and Leadership Development that Delivers Impact.  90 Days to IMPACT!   

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