Kimberly's Signature Talk:

Three Daily Steps to Being a Better Leader:

As a leader you are the single most important factor in your employees determination of whether they like their job, rate high on employee satisfaction, and whether they stay or they go. 

Learn three daily steps (and more) you can take as a leader to practice "Connected Leadership," which is "Modern Leadership" to retain and attract top talent.

Kimberly's talk can be a Series of "Lunch and Learns," "Learn and Launch," a Keynote for your next Leadership Seminar, or a 2 hour workshop.  It is designed to provide daily tools your team can implement today, to start retaining your top talent, and attracting top talent tomorrow.

  • Learn the Cost of Losing Good People.
  • Learn what Attracts and Keeps Top Talent
  • Learn how to Motivate your People by Spreading the Feel Good Drugs (Oxytocin and Serotonin).  
  • Learn How to Build Sincere Trust with the "BEE" of Listening
  • Learn the KCC Three Points of Daily Connection for immediate Results and Impact.
  • All Attendees receive the Employee Perfect Reward Profile 
  • All Attendees receive Kimberly's Book: Connections Change Everything: How Smart Leaders Connect with Better Conversations. 

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Kimberly’s Other Popular Keynotes, Workshops, and Seminars Include:

Are You a Connected Leader? 

With three daily steps, Kimberly speaks to the importance of being an “affective” leader to be an “effective” leader to attract, motivate and retain top talent.  Soft skills, vulnerability  and interpersonal skills make an “Affective” Leader. 

Her message includes simple suggestions such as  her "Daily Three Points of Connection," "The Heart of Listening,"  "How to have Difficult Conversations: SPACE," "How to collaboratively SOLVE conflict, and "Putting Technology in its Place." to provide the audience with actionable steps today to make impact tomorrow.  

Managers and leaders have the first and greatest  impact on engagement, and an employees level of satisfaction and happiness at work.  Companies with strong engagement generate 2.5 X in revenue vs. those that don’t.  

Women as Leaders: Let Your Lioness Roar

Women have natural skills as leaders. Kimberly helps women step into their power by understanding their three natural talents, embracing their fears, and sharing their voice.  Women leaders can be more successful than their male counterparts by generating 18% more revenue per employee when they get out of their own way. 

Kimberly shares how we can modify our mindset, our presentation, and how we show up to improve our confidence and effectiveness as leaders. 

Secrets to Connection:  In Kimberly's "Secrets to Connection" Speech, she shares her personal journey of being "Broken Off," from her family and others, and the power of "Re-connection," in her life.  

For Business and Organizations, she tailors her message to bridge the gap between employers and employees by educating "Leaders at all Levels" (Managers, Supervisors, Directors, Executives) on how to improve connections with their teams, through three daily points of connection, being relatable through vulnerability, having difficult conversations, and effectively managing conflict through consensus. 

Don't forget to order her  #1 Best Selling Book: to spread the message:



Connections Change Everything: holds much of the insight to her journey and exposes the things we do today that keep us "broken off" and not connected in our day to day lives as individuals and as leaders. 

Kimberly is on the speaker Circuit with the Arras Sisters, OC Speaker's Network, and Indie Publishing Authors and Speakers