Leadership Defines Culture.  Positive or Negative Leaders have the greatest impact on your employees level of satisfaction, success, and retention, and your GlassDoor Ratings.

Employees today are pushing back and demanding less dictating leaders and more leaders that are coaches, mentors and advocates to help them not just be happy but to thrive in the workplace.  Modern Leadership is Connected Leadership.  If you aren't practicing Connected Leadership your culture is not thriving and you are losing good people. 

Implement a New Culture Strategy:  Invest in your leadership training and development which empowers them to lead and coach vs. micromanage (out of fear and incompetence). Retention is the new Hiring!  When managers and leaders practice "Connected Leadership" and employees feel valued, challenged, creative and supported, they see a pathway to success and growth. They choose and want to stay, even with compensatory packages that may offer more. 

Leadership is a skill that needs to be learned and an investment in your leaders is an investment in the people that build your business with 30% increase in productivity, ingenuity and dedication, and a 25% increase in customer retention through improved customer relations.  

The Kimberly Connection Company (KCC) offers THREE OPTIONS to help your leaders practice MODERN LEADERSHIP which is CONNECTED LEADERSHIP.  Connected Leadership creates that Thriving Culture that not only attracts great talent through top GlassDoor ratings and reviews, but also retains top talent.  

1. Connection Culture Assessment: You can't improve what you don't know.  You need a base line.  We interview your Executive, Leadership team, and Line Managers,  and corresponding employees to determine what is working and what is not.  We personally observe, participate, and assess your culture and work environment to pinpoint interactions and processes we can eliminate, improve, or enhance. We present this road map which pinpoints three key areas we need to focus in order to drive leadership impact in 90 days through coaching, and leadership workshops.

2. Educate to Impact:  1/2 Day Practice Connected Leadership Workshop:  Whether you are an individual or a team, we can work with you to strengthen your skills as a leader that drive the connection, community, and employee engagement you desire. This 1/2 day intimate workshop (5 to 10 people) onsite or off site, focuses on improving a leader's ability to have difficult conversations, improve their employee connections, and effective conflict resolution skills from Kimberly's book:

3. Coach to Impact: Leadership/ Executive Pinpoint Coaching:  a ninety minute deep dive to assess an individuals leadership strengths and weaknesses (SWAT). We build an individual accountable strategy and action plan that addresses the agreed upon company culture areas of improvement, aligned at the individual level for real change and impact.   It is imperative that what cultural needs to be changed at the whole is coached at the individual level aligned with each leaders personal strengths and weaknesses. We suggest a minimum of 3 coaching sessions per individual. Package and group rates available. 

Let's have a conversation today, to take action tomorrow that brings results in leadership and culture that retains your top talent and attracts top talent.


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"Kimberly is truly skilled in moving sales and business teams forward and coaching leaders who are committed to creating genuinely engaging environments. I highly recommend Kimberly and KCC to help your organization reach greater and measurable success. " 

Vin Luca, Principal, The Performance Group

“Kimberly addresses the core idea of what I’d describe as connection leadership. True leaders master their ability both to connect and engage others through connection. Kimberly’s leadership development, coaching, and education is filled with great reminders and strategies to help leaders connect and engage for success.” —Allison Tabor, Amazon bestselling author of Work Your ASSets Off

“If you are searching for new insights on modern leadership, Kimberly's coaching, leadership development, and consulting will definitely reverse your attrition, and retain and attract top talent .  There is undoubtedly something of value in her expertise.” —Margaret Reynolds, author of Reignite and Boost Your GrowthDNA