Stay Connected

Maintain Your Investment on Connection

You have learned how to be a connected leader, you have built a connected culture, and business

continues to move forward.  Business is always evolving, new challenges appear, climates change,

and new leaders and employees move through your organization. We all can use a maintenance

plan to stay "tuned in" to "Connected Leadership."  Keep your "CQ," your "Connection Quotient"

running high!

Why Join in a “Stay Connected Program?

  • Is your company rapidly growing? Are you promoting new individuals into leadership roles?

  • Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers and leaders; ensure your new and

       existing leaders stay tuned into "Connected Leadership," to keep their teams feeling valued,

       appreciated, and motivated. 

  • Have you had an organizational change in leadership structure?  

  • Are you wanting to sustain the connected culture you just built, and without frequent "pause,

       measure, and educate touch points," you know everyone will default to their "comfort zones."

  • "Little Refresher," conversations on new employee and leadership challenges are perfect for 

        periodic maintenance. New challenges for leaders and employees will appear repeatedly, 

        and inevitably. Knowing you have a familiar "built in resource" to help "stick to the connection

        plan," with coaching, and "connection leadership round-tables" ensure the right EQ, and

        leadership skills are employed to build employee trust, and foster relationships for highest

        employee engagement and revenue results. 

  • Focusing on your greatest resource expense is smart business!  You will significantly reduce 

         burn out, absenteeism, attrition, and apathy while creating high performing people who love

       their careers and their leaders! 

  • Everything needs maintenance and frequent tune ups to perform at the highest rewarding level. 

       an organization's culture and leadership are no different.

       All of the above are great reasons to stay connected!

Purpose:  An annual plan designed to address new employee challenges, new leaders, and to

provide an ongoing resource to existing leaders that sustains the "Connected Leadership" skills, 

and "Connected Culture that was created as business evolves. It protects, applauds, and

promotes your greatest investment, your People.

Your "Stay Connected" Plan will include a blend of the following three options:

1. "Educate to Impact"

2. "Coach to Impact"

3. "Connection Leadership Round-tables"

1. "Educate to Impact:"  (In Person or Virtual - shorter in duration) 

Leadership Workshops:  whether you are an individual or a team, we work with you to

strengthen your skills as a new leader or provide refreshers, if you are an existing leader. 

We ensure the connection, community, and employee engagement your organization

has built continues to permeate your culture. These  sessions can be keynotes to a larger

leadership group, or intimate workshops of  (5 to 10 people).

Many of the strategies, and tools are derived from Kimberly’s book, "CONNECTIONS 

CHANGE EVERYTHING."  Topics include: 

  • Collaborating for Success

  • Coaching vs. Dictating 

  • Creating Trust, in a Virtual World

  • Constructive Feedback that Empowers, not Offends

  • Get Your Employees wanting to do a better Job! (without asking)

  • Individual  Leadership Challenges 


2. "Coach to Impact:" Leadership/ Executive Pinpoint Coaching: 

"Coach to Impact" is necessary for new leaders to understand their own strengths,

weaknesses, and their blocks that may challenge them in being their best in exercising 

“Connected Leadership." For existing leaders, "Coach to Impact," provides a

maintenance and refresher program that hones and ingrains the skills that drive employee 


We know business evolves with new people, new climates, and new challenges, keeping 

on top of these changes and reinforcing "Connected Leadership," through coaching 

sessions ensures leadership focuses on the right tools and conversations for strong

employee engagement.  

Incorporating periodic touch base coaching sessions, monthly or quarterly are a

powerful way to keep "connected Leadership" front of mind and for leaders to have a

safe place to express their challenges with employees and new environments. 


       3. Connection Leadership Round-tables:

Since Kimberly is passionate about the "Power of Connection," which transpires over a

shared experience, KCC has concluded that these Connection Leadership Round-tables

ideally should be conducted over a meal, and minimally over coffee or tea! 

In order to be truly effective, we as leaders need to bond, just as we expect to do with 

our employees, lets mimic the environment that builds trust, authenticity, and safety to 

truly talk about what needs to be talked about!

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