Stay connected.

Build your Return On Connection.

You have learned how to be a connected leader...

You have built a connected culture and your organization continues to move forward in positive ways.

As business is always evolving, new challenges appear, and new leaders and employees move through your organization. During these times of volatility, it is vitally important to have a strong consulting partner to bring foresight, objectivity, or help to maintain a high level of staying tuned in, practicing connected and conscious leadership. Having the expertise and support to keep your leadership and team's Connection Quotient and Emotional Intelligence in high gear.

Why join the KCC Stay Connected Program?

  • Is your company rapidly growing? Are you promoting new individuals into leadership roles and you

       need an ongoing partner to keep all your leaders skilled in conscious and connected leadership,

       that also knows your culture and your systems to quickly indoctrinate them?

  • Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers and leaders; ensure your new and

       existing leaders stay tuned into connected conscious leadership to keep their teams feeling valued,

       appreciated, and motivated. 

  • We know nothing stays the same and having a consulting partner that knows your culture, your

       systems and your leadership helps keep you ahead of your competition by staying nimble,

       and on top of creating new possibilities. 

  • Have you had an organizational change in leadership structure and need the new crew to get up to speed with conscious leadership skills to maintain your investment? 

  • Are you looking to sustain the connected culture you built without interruption?

Everything in our life can benefit from regular maintenance checks and frequent tune-ups to perform at the highest and most efficient level. An organization's culture and leadership are no different.


An annual plan designed to address new employee challenges, new leaders, and to provide an ongoing resource to existing leaders that sustains the connected and conscious leadership teams created and continues to promote a community-based culture.  Let KCC assist your organization in protecting, applauding, and promoting your greatest investment, your people.

Contact Kimberly at KCC today to begin your conversation to sustain your conscious culture of connected leaders.