Build A Connected Culture

Improve Employee Connection and Engagement

Are you losing top talent? Can't attract great talent?  A lot of "going through the motions?" Having

difficulty, keeping your remote teams motivated?   Is your sales team relatively new, or challenged in

how to build authentic trust with clients that closes the deal?  People do business with people they  

can connect to and with whom they can trust.  If you are not able to build those trusted connections,

the relationships between a leader and an employee or a sales rep. and a potential client, wont last. 


Leadership is not a natural talent. That is why good engineers, salespeople, accountants, chefs,

software tech’s, and medical personnel, to name a few, do not necessarily make good managers,

directors, supervisors, and leaders.  Employees today are pushing back and demanding fewer

dictating leaders and more leaders that are coaches, mentors and advocates to help them not just be

happy, but to thrive in the workplace.


Every leader could use a little guidance to help them feel confident in their new role and to embrace

the soft skills, they need to engage their teams.  Why not give them a playbook that helps them learn

skills such as:  coaching that motivates performance, conversations that build trust, and collaborative

skills to build team work, even in remote workplaces. 


"Building a Connected Culture," is Ideal for: 

  • All Leaders who want to learn how to practice “Connected Leadership to increase productivity,

       teamwork, sales, customer retention and employee retention. As new scenarios are presented in

       their leadership world, coaching can "role play" ideal responses, and  create accountable 

       improvement structures.

  • New Leaders to build a strong initial foundation focused on “Connected Leadership," that 

       establishes high employee engagement as soon as they accept their first leadership position.

  • Existing Leaders who wish to periodically, monthly, and quarterly, run through personal scenarios

       and challenges in order to coach at their highest level and to ensure connected leadership

       becomes  a daily practice for greatest engagement.

How we do it:  KCC’s "Building a Connected Culture" incorporates education through workshops,

and keynote messages, and coaching  through one-on-one ninety minute pin point coaching sessions

and or connection leadership round-tables. 


The goal is to convert key company performance targets identified in the culture assessment for

improved employee engagement  into relatable and accountable action steps  to be adopted and

embraced, daily, by your individual leaders for greatest sustainability. Education and Coaching makes 

this happen. 

Why is coaching important?:  We can educate, but if we do not coach to individuals strengths and

weaknesses, individual challenges and blocks, the likelihood that what we have educated gets

implements and sustained is very small.  How can a leader provide regular praise and recognition

to their employees, if they have never accepted or received it for themselves?   Coaching addresses

our own personal hangups that can impeded our best performance as a "Connected Leader."


Overview:  a series of education sessions over 8-10 weeks for your Executives, Leaders, and Managers that

focus on the top three areas identified from the culture assessment (Product #1: Are you a Connected Culture?).

Purpose: to provide a foundation of the key characteristics of “Connected Leadership” that influence the

three identified focus areas of your organization's culture assessment.  Role plays, Presentations, Videos,

Open Interactive Round-table Discussions of real-life scenarios, Individual Connection Correction Tips and

Worksheets, and Individual Exercises for personal implementation.  KCC can also include a copy of Kimberly’s

book CONNECTIONS CHANGE EVERYTHING: How Smart Leaders Connect through Better Conversations.


Ideal For:

  • Companies and Leaders who want to move the needle forward on creating a culture of  community.

  • Companies who want to create more relatable, higher EQ leaders that can build trust with their


  • Leaders who need assistance in creating trust, and engagement with remote teams.

  • Leaders who have a predominant millennial workforce and want to learn how to have difficult

       conversations that inspire, coach, and build trust and connection that retains top talent and brings

       out the best in their teams, and individuals.  

  • Leaders who need to strengthen engagement to drive higher productivity, sales, and customer


  • Newly promoted individuals to Leadership roles who need to learn coaching, conversation, and  

       EQ tools to build connection, trust, that will motivate their teams. 


Description:  Content can be disseminated in a variety of formats in an effort to find one or several that

    are conducive for your Executives, Leaders, and Managers. Depending on the identified three target

    areas of focus, educational workshops, and key notes presentations are great ways to cover a variety

    of topics.  Depending on the experience of the group we can focus on several categories:

  • Coaching Skills

  • Communication One on One and Team

  • Collaboration

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Employee Motivation through Conversation

  • 16 Connection Correction Tips from Kimberly's book: "CONNECTIONS CHANGE EVERYTHING"


Deliverable Options for Education:  depending on the size of the organization, desired time to success

education can be delivered in a variety of formats: 

  • Virtual or In  Person

  • 3 hour workshops (in person)

  • 1 hour workshops over zoom

  • 1 hour key note presentation ( zoom or in person)

2. COACH TO IMPACT:  “It is imperative that what cultural needs to be changed at the whole is coached at the individual level

aligned with each leaders’ personal strengths and weaknesses for greatest sustainability.“ Coaching is

delivered by one or both 90 minute options:

  • One on One Coaching

  • Connection Leadership Round-tables

One on One Coaching:  a ninety-minute open conversation  to assess an individual’s leadership

strengths and weaknesses (SWOT), and collaboratively discuss potential blocks, and blind spots that

may affect our ability to practice "Connected Leadership." 


Once we understand current skills, we collaboratively build an individual accountable strategy and

action plan that addresses the three agreed upon company culture areas of improvement, aligned at

the individual level for real change and sustainable impact. 

Connection Leadership Round-tables:

Since Kimberly is passionate about the "Power of Connection," which transpires over a shared

experience, KCC has concluded that these Connection Leadership Round-tables ideally are to be

conducted ideally over a meal, and minimally over coffee or tea!  ( However, while the pandemic

ensues, ZOOM, will have to do).

In order to be truly effective, we as leaders need to bond, just as we expect to do with our employees,

lets mimic the environment that builds trust, authenticity, and safety to truly talk about what

needs to be talked about! 

Purpose:    It is imperative that what cultural needs to be changed at the whole is coached at the

individual level aligned with each leaders’ personal strengths and weaknesses for greatest sustainability.  

Round-tables provide a light and safe place to talk through with peers, "what has worked," and "what

has not," individual challenges which are also common challenges to be shared and overall peer


Frequency:  We suggest a minimum of 6 coaching sessions per new individual and a minimum of 3 for

an existing leader and for ongoing maintenance.  Connection Round-tables are to complement

individual coaching and can be conducted, weekly, bi monthly or monthly depending on the current

engagement level, leadership experience, and business climate. Packaged rates available. 

Results From Building a Connected Culture:

A New Connected Leadership Culture Strategy:  This investment in your leadership’s training and

development empowers them to lead and coach vs. micromanage (out of fear and incompetence).  

Your employees and teams will feel valued and appreciated and therefore want to do their job better.

The workplace will become a positive and productive place that people will want to show up on 


A Thriving Environment for Today's Workforce: the millennial and workforce of today, thrive in an

environment that allows for creativity, personal contribution, and frequent recognition.  Coaching as a

leader is more effective than dictating.  Collaboratively solving problems and building growth

objectives is the new way to create success and to create performance metrics.

Greater Talent Retention: When managers and leaders practice "Connected Leadership" and

employees feel valued, challenged, creative and supported, they see a pathway to success and growth.

They choose and want to stay, even with compensatory packages that may offer more.   Leadership

determines whether your employees stay, or they go.  Practicing “Connected Leadership,’ significantly

reduces your attrition rates by up to 57%.

Greater Employee Engagement:  Improved employee engagement. 1% engagement growth drives

~$20 k for a small company, $2 M for a medium sized company, and $20 M for a large organization.

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