Build a connected culture.

Increase employee connection and retention. 


Are you losing top talent or having challenges attracting top talent? Are your employees and teams just

showing up and going through the motions? Do your leaders lead by checking boxes, hiding behind

technology, and just reacting to the day-to-day circumstances? Do you want to evolve and transform your company workplace into a community of thriving, passionate, motivated, people doing their best work? 


Kimberly of KCC helps your executive leaders and teams learn the interpersonal connection skills and the emotional awareness for intelligence that builds the trusted connections that drive business success. Without trust and connection, relationships rarely endure. We help your leaders perform at their best by bringing their authentic selves to the table that results in higher employee engagement, productivity, and retention. 


Building a Connected Culture is Ideal for: 

  • All leaders who want to move away from the left-brain, check the box, task-oriented leadership and realize their best contribution by creating heroes among their teams.


  • Executives who want to learn to better lead others through dynamic coaching, mentoring, and having real conversations with their teams and peers.

  • New leaders who want to do right by building a strong initial foundation focused on connected and conscious leadership establishing high employee engagement as soon as they accept their first position.

  • Existing leaders who desire and a regular basis to run through individual and group scenarios and challenges in order to coach at their highest level. This means becoming self-aware and desiring to improve a limiting mindset, pattern, or belief system. Looking inside and taking feedback for how others perceive we show up in our business relationships and in conversation.


The goal is to have conscious and connected leadership become a daily practice for our greatest engagement and fulfillment and to ultimately allow us to be an invaluable contributor to our organization.

How we do it?

Utilizing Kimberly of KCC's practice of Building a Connected Culture incorporates education through workshops, keynote messages, and one-on-one coaching sessions. KCC also offers the Connection Leadership Masterminds.

Contact Kimberly of KCC to start your conversation to building a connected culture.