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August's Complimentary Webinar 
Back to the Office? Five Ways to Jump Start Your Culture. 

Join us on Wednesday August 25, at 11 AM PST to learn five ways as a leader you can jump start your culture for higher team collaboration, engagement, trust building and inclusion.  Skills and events that will make your back to the office experience with you and your teams, a positive, engaging and a new sense of community.   

Leadership is more than doing it is connecting!

Your Responsibility as a Leader is to Build up your People, and to create an inclusive community.  Your Keys are Great EQ and CQ Skills.


In this monthly Live Interactive Leadership Session we will tackle a topic that will help you improve your EQ or CQ skills.  Is it creating a culture of belonging? Is it trying to recreate your culture for now, "back to the office?"  Is it trying to build more trusting relationships? Is it learning how to provide constructive feedback?

In each episode, you will walk away with a minimum of three make a difference tools that when routinely practiced, create a sense of belonging, improve engagement, and or foster productivity and motivation.  In twenty minutes KCC will help you up level your EQ (emotional intelligence) and CQ (connection intelligence) ability for improved employee and team engagement.


That’s not all! Always wanted to ask an Executive Coach how to solve an employee issue, or how to have a difficult conversation or how to create more belonging with your teams, now is your opportunity.  After our 20 minute leadership tool session, you and other attendees can share personal challenges in leadership and Kimberly coaches you through to success.


By continuing to attend our monthly webinars, you will build a repertoire of EQ (emotional intelligence) and CQ (Connection intelligence) skills that build you into your Best Human Centered Leader who creates a community of connection, belonging, and inclusion.


Now more than ever, it is the soft stuff EQ  and CQ that make the hard stuff (productivity, profit, and process) work. Get your Best Leader on and Register Now.



Why You Should Attend

  1. Your number one goal and responsibility as a leader is to build strong trusting inclusive relationships that produce highly engaged and motivated teams and employees.

  2. Regular reminders and role plays can build sustainable EQ and CQ behaviors that make you a better leader.

  3. Spending 20 -30 minutes, monthly, with KCC is like a free training session and coaching session in one.

  4. Got a leadership question? Get an Executive Leadership Coach answer, free.

  5. Leadership can be lonely at the top; join our leadership session to have a free sounding board.

  6. This leadership session is an investment in your people and your success. 

  7. See the immediate results with your team when you put your EQ to work. We will offer monthly tips and tools to adopt daily that build your repertoire to human centered leadership. 

  8. Just by attending this complimentary session entitles you to a one-on-one coaching session with Kimberly at ½ the price.



I guarantee in each webinar you will walk away with a tool you can implement today to strengthen your human centered leadership tomorrow.


Everyone who attends, gets to take advantage of my offer to increase your EQ and trust building skills at ½ price for your first one on one coaching session.