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One-on-one Coaching

At your best as a charismatic and effective leader, you possess an incredible ability to balance left-brain and right-brain functioning that benefits every area of your life. By knowing yourself in all your strengths and weaknesses, and bringing your authentic self to the table willing to be vulnerable, it's incredible the allegiance and connection that you can have with your ecosystem at work. One-on-one coaching is life-changing and business-changing. Coaching creates a safe environment to learn how to create a higher level of confidence, connectedness, and coherence to your emotions, intuition, and strengths.  


One-on-one coaching is a confidential and extremely impactful relationship where you learn to become keenly self-aware. You are given tools that enable you to have the power to shift the stories you tell yourself, your emotional intelligence level, and your perspective to improve your relationships with your teams, employees, and customers for exceptionally brilliant business results.

Who KCC partners with:
  • Leaders who realize that just reacting and checking boxes is not effective leadership. Strategy, proactivity, and communication empowers you as a leader and transform your business.

  • Leaders who understand that their first responsibility is to build trusting relationships. This requires awareness of your own emotions, intuition, and presence.

  • Leaders at any level who want to improve team leadership, engagement, and productivity, and who welcome self-reflection and coaching.

  • C-Suite executives who want an accountability partner to achieve personal and professional goals. 

  • Fast-growing small and medium-sized companies who are promoting individuals into leadership positions and who want to build a strong force of conscious and connected leadership that gives them a competitive edge now and in the future.  

  • Sales Executives and Leaders who want to build out their interpersonal relationship skills in order to create stronger trust between sales teams, and clients for greater sales and customer retention.

  • Entrepreneurial mindsets that desire a strategic, business-minded partner to challenge, and coach through ideas to success.     

In these trying times, there has never been a better opportunity to refine our workforce who need us now more than ever. We have been facing uncertainty, a need to step up our responsibilities, transform our businesses, and manage our emotions. A strong professional coach teaches you how to stay centered, empowered, and in the right mindset to be at your best to bring out the best in others. Through Kimberly's collaborative spirit and professionalism, all kinds of possibilities arise to achieve your individual and professional goals. 

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