Overview:  You cannot improve what you do not know.  Over 80% of companies know that Culture

impacts productivity, performance, and their bottom line, but less than 40% actually have a culture

strategy in place.  You need a base line to be able to set, and measure goals for improvement.  

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to provide your organization a base line of 5 suggested key

attributes that can enhance your culture.  Based on our recommendations, we will collaboratively choose

three attributes to focus on for a 90- day impact. KCC will create a development plan that identifies

organizational strategies that will be implemented and coached to the individual leadership level.

Steps to success, and ultimate goal achievement, will be monitored and measured through individual 

employee reviews, and employee and leadership assessments.  


Success  The ultimate objective is to create a culture that allows your employees to feel emotionally

and physically safe, promotes creativity and productivity, and noticeably creates an environment where

employees have high levels of satisfaction in their work, their leaders, and the purpose of overall

organization.  Especially in today's virtual environment, companies and leaders need to be able to be

"affective" leaders to be "effective" leaders that  builds trust and connects, even over digital technology. 

The goal of KCC is to get everyone loving Mondays!


Who is This For?

The KCC Culture Assessment is Ideal for an  organization that is struggling with:
         o    Employee Engagement 

o    Retaining Top Talent 
o    Poor Glass Door Ratings- Attracting Good Candidates 
o    Rapid Growth and wants to ensure growth is on a firm engaged foundation
o    Productivity & Quality
o    Identifying key culture/and engagement levers that drive increased revenue 
o    Finding an objective expert trained in leadership culture, leadership development through coaching,

      motivational psychology, and emotional intelligence, EQ.  

Description:  We interview a subset of your Executives, Leadership team, Line Managers, and

corresponding employees to determine what is working and what is not. We personally observe (in 

person or through zoom meetings), interaction in team meetings, one on one conversations, town hall

meetings, written communication, leadership meetings, and other employee interaction to assess your

culture and work environment to pinpoint interactions and processes we can eliminate, improve, or

enhance. Additionally, we have leaders and their direct reports complete a leadership/ engagement

assessment which helps to support the interviews and in person observations.

All of the above information is aggregated and ultimately presented as a road map which lists up to 5

areas for improvement.  Collaboratively, KCC and you decide the top three key areas we need to focus

on in order to drive leadership impact in 90 days that ups employee engagement!

Deliverable/Action Items:
•    Initial leadership assessment for both leaders and direct subordinates. (anonymous/ confidential)
•    Personal interview sessions with a representative sample of leaders at all levels: (anonymous/

      confidential, in person or over zoom)
•    Personal interview sessions with a representative sample of employees reporting to interviewed

      leaders. (anonymous/ confidential, in person or over zoom)
•    Executive Presentation:  Top 5 Key trends, Issues, challenges, communication patterns, etc.

      identified and ranked on impact and investment, and time/effort.  Top 3 Item recommendation for

      90-day impact to drive culture improvement through educational workshops and one on one

      Connected Leadership Coaching. 

•    A Baseline Measure and Description:  A baseline rating and description of your organization and

      leadership on 5 key performance areas of your unique culture.  
•    Recommendations:  Action steps and recommendations on 5 unique items in culture and leadership

      communication, processes, coaching skills, and methodologies (enhanced removed, or added) that 

      will create a connected culture and drive employee engagement. 
•    Three Target Solution Areas Collaboratively Identified: Collaboratively we identify which 3/5 we

      focus on for the next 90 days to drive engagement, and create a connected culture through

      Leadership Education Workshops, Seminars, Connected Round-tables, and One on One Connected

      Leadership Coaching. 

Your Success:  Connection To Greater Revenue:  

  • Improved employee engagement. A simple 1% increase in employee engagement results:  

    • $20k in additional annual revenue for a small company

    • $2M in additional annual revenue for a medium sized company

    • $20M in additional annual revenue for a large organization.

  • 57 % Greater Retention

  • 30% Increase in Productivity: how do you measure productivity today? 

  • 28% Decreased Attrition 


Are You "Connected for Success"?

 Culture Assessment

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