KCC Culture Assessment

Are you connected for success?

KCC Culture Assessment Overview

You cannot improve what you do not know. Over 80% of companies know that culture impacts productivity, performance, and their bottom line, but less than 40% actually have a culture strategy in place. Businesses need a baseline to be able to set and measure goals for improvement. That's where Kimberly of KCC comes in.


In the initial assessment, Kimberly works with you to identify a baseline of five suggested key areas for improvement that will enhance your culture. Teaching executive leadership how to be authentically conscious and connected to their peers and their team is essential. Together we create a strategy with recommendations selecting three out of the five key areas to focus on for a 90-day period of impact. Kimberly will create a development plan that identifies organizational strategies to be implemented and integrated. In addition, individual leadership coaching is recommended to enhance and build conscious connections throughout your ecosystem.


Who is this for?

The KCC Culture Assessment is ideal for any organization or leadership team that is struggling with:

  •  Developing leaders who can lead with nimbleness and courage when faced with many uncertainties

  •  Building strong employee engagement that leads to high productivity

  •  Retaining top talent to mitigate high turnover, reduce development costs, and increase employee synergy

  •  Glass Door Ratings in order to attract exceptional candidates

  •  Rapid growth and creating a strong foundation of conscious leaders to secure your business' future

  •  Identifying key culture and engagement levers that drive increased revenue 

  •  Finding an objective expert trained in conscious leadership, culture, motivational psychology, and emotional intelligence

  • Creating the Emotional Quotient that will transform your culture and your leadership engagement

  Keep in mind, a simple 1% increase in your employee engagement levels can mean a revenue increase of:

  • $20K for a small company

  • $2M for a medium-sized company

  • $20M for a large organization

Contact Kimberly today to start your conversations to building a connected culture of conscious leaders.