Conscious leadership and how we connect matters more than ever.


Corporate and business culture can be a positive bond based on shared identity, empathy, and understanding that moves individuals toward group-centered engagement and connection. Kimberly works with your corporate leadership and their teams in all departments to increase the connection quotient by enhancing interpersonal relationships and collaboration, capitalizing on team members' work styles, and refining emotional intelligence in the workplace. 


Evidence has shown that people want to work for organizations and conduct business with people they trust and feel a connection to. When your corporate ecosystem of people are happy and inspired because they feel connected, understood, and supported, this translates directly to high motivation, high productivity, less turn-over, and ultimately increase ROI.

On the heels of COVID19, corporations are reevaluating everything about their business. By adopting and mastering conscious leadership, corporate brands are changing from the inside out. Happy employees mean better products, better services, and better margins – and ultimately happier customers. 


The bottom line is that conscious leadership and feeling connected to your organization, leaders, team, and customers truly matter more than ever at this time in our world.

Empower your corporation by empowering your executive team to become the next generation of conscious leaders.




Are employees under performing or leaving? Do you have a problem attracting top talent? Is revenue flat or declining. Is productivity lower than you expect? Let's assess your culture. 

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Are your leaders just going through the motions? Do you get complaints from employees on a regular basis? Let's empower your leadership.





Are you promoting quickly? Do you have new leaders? Are employees and managers working lots of overtime? Let's work on sustaining for the future.


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What is leadership engagement? How do your leaders effectively impact it? How do you measure an individual leader's impact on employee engagement? Employee satisfaction is a measure of workers' contentedness with their job, whether or not they like their job and the nature of their work or supervision. Job satisfaction can be measured in cognitive, affective, and behavioral components. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. In terms of the health and success of an organization, leaders who positively impact employee engagement, go far beyond employee satisfaction. 


Kimberly's expertise lies in creating programs for executives to transform their leadership style by becoming more conscious of and improving how they relate, communicate, and authentically show up for their teams and customers. The process and outcome are extremely rewarding both personally and professionally when people in all positions within the organization learn to embody their greatest potential and integrate effective systems that build emotional connections within the professional workplace. 


Kimberly Layne was the top sales executive for Fortune 100 companies Boston Scientific, Genpact, and United Healthcare. She is the best-selling author of Connections Change Everything, a professional speaker, and the host of The Power of Connection in Biz Show, live and on YouTube.



“Culture isn't just one aspect of the game, it IS the game.”

Lou Gertsner - IBM CEO



Vincent Luca, CFO, COO

The Performance Group 

Kimberly is truly skilled at moving teams forward and coaching leaders who are committed to creating genuinely engaging environments.  Her unique approach to education, consulting, and connection leadership, ensures that our leadership continues to evolve as our business model evolves.  I highly recommend KCC.

Joseph F McGovern, The McGovern Group

We cannot say enough positive things on what Kimberly brought to the Business Development Guild’s Southern California Chapter. What impressed us was the forethought and preparation Kimberly undertook in advance of our bi-monthly meeting.  That initiative resulted in an engaging, informative, and insightful discussion.  In the age of Zoom, that is a tall ask but Kimberly exceeded!  If anyone has the opportunity to work with Kimberly either to facilitate and/or lead a group discussion, jump at the chance.  The BD Guild is already looking forward to working together again. .  

Patty Watkins, VP of Sales

MORE Sales Advisors  

Kimberly is unique in how she combines consultation, education, and coaching to shift the way organizations conduct employee one on one and team meetings.  KCC really helped us actually change the way we lead by building better connection and communication with our teams that made a difference in building our pipeline and improving our closing rates. Being tuned in and connected does improve everything.