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Leadership & Engagement Expert and Consulting Partner, Professional Speaker and Author,


Kimberly and the Kimberly Connection Company (KCC) are passionate about working with leaders at any and all levels, and sales teams to UP their "CQ" Connection Quotient.  Research proves again and again, people want to work for and do business with people they trust and feel connected too. In today's predominantly remote working environment, the ability to be able to build trusting relationships in business is vital for success.  We help build the "EQ" emotional quotient, and the soft skills of your leaders to support the move to Conscious Leadership that attracts, motivates, and retains the talent and customers of today.   Employees and customers will stay when they feel valued, listened to, and engaged.  Now more than ever:  CONNECTIONS CHANGE EVERYTHING!


At KCC, our services include: one on one leadership coaching, sales team coaching, coaching roundtables, educational and motivational keynotes/workshops, and a comprehensive consulting package that identifies areas in your culture that need improvement, coaches and educates your teams and leadership on improving those elements, and then collaboratively develops a plan to sustain your new connected culture.  

Connect with KCC to determine which services, and conversations can help make your greatest investment, your people, your greatest asset!

About Kimberly

Leadership & Engagement  Expert, Consulting Partner,

Professional Speaker

Author, and Host of "The Power of Connection Show, in BIZ"

As a professional speaker, author, certified Leadership & Engagement Coach, consulting partner  and host of The Power of Connection Show in BIZ! Kimberly is passionate about helping the leaders of today realize and embrace the impact that building true human emotional connection has on motivating and bringing out the best in their teams which subsequently translates into better customer relationships, retention, and sales.  Kimberly helps leaders transform their leadership styles by becoming conscious of how they relate, communicate, and show up for their teams and customers.   

Kimberly's shares with her partnering clients, stories and examples from her decades as a top Sales Executive for Fortune 100 companies (Boston Scientific, Genpact, and United Healthcare), and psychology and behavioral expertise, to demonstrate how transparent conversations, our own mindset and perspectives, and our ability to be present affect our ability to motivate and lead our teams.

Connect with  KCC today, to learn how we can partner together to help you and your leaders learn the  the strong power of human connection that is the differentiating factor in companies thriving into day's virtual environment.   

“Culture isn't just one aspect of the game,

it IS the game.”

Lou Gertsner - IBM CEO


Vin Luca, The Performance Group 

"Kimberly is truly skilled in moving sales teams forward and coaching leaders who are committed to creating genuinely engaging environments.  Her unique approach of  initial education, pinpoint individual coaching, and sustained "Connection Leadership Round-tables," ensures our investment  was implemented and our leadership continues to evolve with the dynamics of business, such as the recent  move to the  remote workplace.  I highly recommend , KCC.

Theresa Marcroft, CMO 

“Kimberly did an assessment of our culture and identified  the three top challenges that affect our ‘culture of connectedness’ and employee engagement.  KCC addressed these challenges in educational workshops, keynotes, and individual coaching sessions, which transformed our culture.   With KCC's ongoing "Staying Connected."  She has helped create and shape a connected culture that is ingrained and sustainable.  KCC keeps us connected.

Patricia Watkins,  VP of Sales  

KCC is unique in that she combines consultation, education, and coaching in order to change the way organizations conduct employee one on one’s, team meetings and overall communication.  It was interesting, we can all be informed on how to lead, but KCC really helps actually change the way we lead by truly building better connection with our sales teams that made a difference in building our pipeline, and improving our close rates.  Connections Do Change Everything!

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